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Fields of Joy Investments started on a Sunday morning, on a hammock, while a science fiction book was playing on Audible.  Rebekah was very frustrated with the progress she and Andrew were making on renovating and selling the home Andrew owned before they were married.  After months of sweat and tears and prayer, they were unsure as to how to proceed with Andrew’s home.  Should they rent, should they sell for less than they had hoped?  That Sunday morning, Rebekah felt a nudge from God to look into real estate investing.  After that nudge, Rebekah did over 1000 hours of research and came up with a plan.  They would sell Andrew’s house for less than they had originally hoped but would invest the money into what would become Fields of Joy Investments. 

Fields of Joy Investments (FOJI) is focused on providing affordable, fully renovated homes in up-and-coming communities in Ohio and beyond.  We specialize in homes that can sell, fully renovated, for under $200,000.  We also do high-end renovations on homes that we plan to rent.  This way we are renovating and selling homes in neighborhoods that need to increase their home ownership rates in order for the neighborhood values to improve.  And we are providing top-of-the-line rentals in neighborhoods that have very high home ownership rates.  With this strategy we hope to improve every neighborhood we touch.

Do you have a home in poor condition that you would like to sell for cash fast?  Are you looking for a fully renovated home to purchase for less or a top-of-the-line rental? 



Rebekah is the Founder and CEO of Fields of Joy Investments.  She has a background in data analytics, data science, and programming.  Rebekah loves to spend her free time in nature: backpacking, car camping, or just chilling in her hammock. 


Andrew is the President and Inventory Manager of Fields of Joy Investments.  He also works full time as a Senior Mechanical Engineer.  He loves to tinker with electronics, technology, cars, and just about anything he can get his hands on. 

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